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Welcome To Kingdom chapel mission

We are a family; our inheritance is the kingdom of God. We learned, believed, shared, and lived the principles of the kingdom of Jehovah our God .

A vision is a powerful force! It helps establish direction, objectives, and life-long pursuits. Our mission is to help people come back to God and have a fulfilled live. Habakkuk 2:1-3

1. By the grace of God, we are living to fulfill the Great Commission as given to us by the Lord in the book of Matthew 28:19-20 and the 2nd epistle of Paul to the Corinthians 5:17-19. We are disciples who make disciples for our Lord Jesus-Christ. We make disciples through evangelism and reconciling them with God. KINGDOM GOSPEL MISSION strives to ensure that its members are biblically literate and skilled in implementing the word of God; therefore, we trained missionaries in our bible school.

2. We believe that serving the needs of our community is part of our Christian responsibility. As a result, we will continue to construct Bible-based social programs to help resolve some of the problems affecting our community. A Childcare for our children, a counseling center for drugs and alcohol addiction for our youths, a senior living agency for our aging.

3. We want to be a church that is racially, culturally, and ethnically integrated. Our church reflects American society. Our message is to promote reconciliation and restoration among the races and nations. The love and acceptance of people is our calling and our passion.

Opening Hours

Sunday at 11:00 - 01:00


111 Pennsylvania Av, Frederick, MD, 21701

A Place For You

Find a place to connect and grow through a small group, class, or regular gathering.

Become A Member


Loaded with fast-paced worship, activities, and video teachings to address real issues that students face each day

Children Ministry

Responsible for teaching and ministering to the children

Youth Ministry

Plan and organize Evangelistic sessions (Youth Crusades) within and without
 Responsible for the organization of the youth programs in the church

Women Ministry

Support the vision of the church through prayers. (praying for all different ministries in the church)
 Plan and organize Women Evangelistic activities (outreach, rallies, seminars, crusades, etc)
 Minister to women within and without.
 Organize visits for the sick (believers and non-believers)

Men Ministry

Support the church vision through prayers  Encourage one another in spiritual growth.
 Organize men’s fellowship meetings periodically with the aim of
teaching and encouraging others in areas where they may need guidance.

Prayer Warriors

Organizing prayer meeting once a week to lift the Lord’s mission, the ministers, the congregation and the loss souls.

Sanctuary keepers

Cleaning the temple, make sure that the chairs are arranged and cleaned.

Decoration Group

Decorate the temple

Logistics Group

Responsible for planning accommodation, transportation and feeling of the guest servants and transportation of the member and visitors to and from church
 Responsible for planning and executing arrangements for snacks and refreshments, as may be directed by the pastor or his representative.
 Responsible for identifying in advance all events on church calendar. Preparing the supplies for events (refreshments etc.)
 Assists in the planning and directing of church events.

Sanctuary keepers

Cleaning the temple, make sure that the chairs are arranged and cleaned.

Staff members

A brief overview of what you can expect at our worship experiences.

Jean Roger Hean
Senior pastor
Laure Hean
Yves Tchouke
Yvette Tchouke